The leadership shakeup at HTC isn't over apparently. Despite the excellent success of the new HTC One, which has pushed the company's revenues up sharply, their are still executives being shuffled around. The latest shift is their Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Costello who is stepping down to become an executive advisor and moving to Europe. Although this news may seem grim, it actually looks like HTC is reorganizing and making the best of things. Here's a quote with some of the details,

According to the email – the key contents of which HTC apparently confirmed to Bloomberg – Costello’s tasks will be taken over by Fred Liu, currently president of engineering and operations. In fact, Liu’s role at HTC will be expanded considerably, the note to staff suggested, now covering operations, quality, sales operations, and services.

Meanwhile, HTC’s Georges Boulloy will now lead a new quality assurance division that will focus on product reliability, the message said. A further team will be tasked with “product lifecycle matters” which is, presumably, a reference at least in part to ensuring timely Android OS updates.

Costello will not split from HTC altogether, with his new role as an advisor kicking off when he moves from Taiwan to Europe.

However, the COO is not the only loss HTC has suffered lately. In May, the company saw its Chief Product Officer and VP of Global Communications leave, shortly followed by the CEO of HTC Asia. The month before, HTC’s Global Retail Marketing Manager, its Product Manager, and its Worldwide Director of Digital Marketing all left for new roles elsewhere.

Nonetheless, things at HTC aren’t all bad. The company announced its unaudited sales for May 2013 today, which reached 29bn New Taiwanese Dollars ($970m); that’s a roughly 50-percent increase over revenues for April.
As you can see, maybe what is going on at HTC isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the execs who have jumped ship were extra fat at the top that needed to be trimmed and will bring about a leaner and meaner HTC. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at their HQ.

Source: SlashGear