Could the Moto X be Motorola's Phoenix Feather?

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Thread: Could the Moto X be Motorola's Phoenix Feather?

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    Could the Moto X be Motorola's Phoenix Feather?

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    Over the past 8 months or so we have heard repeated rumors about a new flagship device from Motorola called the X Phone. It was supposedly the first collaboration between Motorola and Google after the acquisition. Speculation about the phone ran rampant with a wide variety of exciting imagined possibilities. At the end of last week, Motorola officially announced the device proving once and for all that the mythical device actually existed. After it was announced at the D11 conference, some might argue that the special features announced for the new device may actually exceed our initial expectations.

    Of course, there is still a great deal we don't know about the phone, so we must be vigilant not to fall prey to "pie in the sky" thinking. It's still possible that everything we heard was simply marketing hype and the device could be a let down. Ultimately we don't have enough real information to make that judgement just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't discuss it further. We want to hear what you guys think of the known information about the Moto X. We even have some questions to pose to you.

    We have to admit that Motorola has fallen a long way. Currently only Samsung really makes a decent enough profit off of Android, with LG coming in second and everyone else (including Motorola) digging themselves out of a hole. Much of what happened to Moto was their own fault. Many of their policies alienated their hardcore customers. For a while they were making far too many devices and many of them were sub-par. It's no wonder some of their biggest fans of the past are now just disgruntled customers.

    More than likely, most of that is poised to change. Motorola is now owned by Google and has a new CEO that is a former Google head exec. They have reorganized and restructured and have been very quiet for some time now. We can't help but think this is merely the calm before the storm. The company still has a huge loyal following, and now they are about to get back in the game in a big way. The new "pseudo-self-aware" aspects of the Moto X seem more cutting edge than anything else out there. If they can really pull off their claims it will prove that Motorola and Google are still on the bleeding edge of innovation.

    What do you guys think of the possibilities of the new Moto X? If Moto's new device is really as amazing as they are making it out to be, and if they can reverse some of their anti-community policies, do you think you will reconsider them? Can Motorola rise to become an industry leader again? Share your perspective.

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    Sure - if Motorola would just stop locking their damn bootloaders. That more than anything else turned me against them. Granted, they were giving Verizon what it wanted, but they carried that locking over to the GSM phones destined for AT&T and T-Mobile. Consequently, I just sort of wrote them off - nice hardware, abysmal software (Motoblur) ... and they lock their bootloaders. Not my kind of company. Hopefully, their acquisition by Google will change some of that. If it does, I'd be willing to take another look at them.
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