True to their word, Samsung has released an update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which addresses the small storage issue which has received complaints since the launch of the device. Their solution is an elegant one. They basically created a new software feature which allows you to move apps to your SD Card slot. They also managed to tighten up the code ab it on the installed software a reduced the bloat by about 80MB. Admittedly, this is a paltry amount, but at least they made some headway, and their new "move apps to SD Card" feature is pretty crafty.

There are a number of other things the update brings with it as well, including a "semi-transparent" notification bar, and a new toggle that lets you turn Smart Pause on and off easily. The update is heading out to German Snapdragon equipped SGS4 phones first, and will be sent out to Exynos models next. The folks in the UK and the US will have to wait a bit longer, but no specific timeframe was shared.

Thanks for the tip, grenefroggie!

Source: TheVerge