Acer has publicly renewed its commitment to the pure Android experience. They declared emphatically that they will stick to the stock experience because the Android experience is great as is. Here's a quote with the details,

We found from our previous experiences of creating Android UIs that they are very difficult to maintain, especially keeping track with Google's migrations," explained S T Liew, the President of Acer's global smartphone division.

"Android actually does a great job at serving up the right user experience and it allows people to migrate from one Android phone to another with relative ease.

"With each phone we assess its main features and we enhance those experiences with small UIs, such as the camera app or the note taking capabilities and multi-tasking tools on the Acer Liquid S1."

For Acer this approach makes business sense too, as the various enhancements generally don't require too much input for a decent return.

"We don't have to rewrite Android," said Allen Burnes, Acer's VP of Smartphones for EMEA, "the overhead we put into that is relatively low, but the consumer benefit is very high.

"People know Android, they like it, and we don't want to try and change their behaviour."
Now, if we could only get other manufacturers to follow Acer's example...

Source: TechRadar