Here's a story that is both intriguing and a head-scratcher. A new @evleaks pic suggests that Verizon may soon offer a Limited Edition version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. While this would normally be cause for an ensuing happy dance, the Limited Edition is "very limited" as far as the context of the device. According to the leak, a special Limited Edition version of the SGS4 will simply be the same hardware as the normal SGS4, but will come with customizable backplates sporting the KidRobot branding.

If you are scratching your head at that one, you are not alone. One, you may not even have heard of the KidRobot brand of toys which were founded in 2002... we certainly hadn't. Two, even if you have heard of them, it begs the questions as to why VZW would create a Limited Edition SGS4 with a little known kids toy branding on the back? If you are into the KidRobot stuff you may be happy to learn that you can choose between Kronk, Mad, Buff Monster, Groening, and a generic KidRobot back-cover. There will also be some wallpapers to go along with these, and you can apparently create custom wallpapers.

Perhaps the KidRobot stuff is just one example and there will be some additional custom back-plate options. We are unsure at this point so just consider that last part pure speculation. If you can shed more light on this subject, please feel free to comment in the thread to enlighten the rest of us.

Source: @evleaks