Another Motorola X FON variant just passed through the FCC. This one is the Motorola XT1055 and is on its way to US Cellular customers. Its specs are the same mediocre fair we have been seeing for the rumored Moto X phone for quite some time. It has the usual Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, a 10MP camera, Android 4.2.2, & 720p display. These aren't bad specs by any stretch of the imagination, but they certainly aren't a "Hero Device" as the Moto CEO Dennis Woodside said recently when he officially outed the Moto X Phone.

It's entirely possible that the advancements to this device are in the software department, and/or maybe some additional hardware functionality will be baked in that we have never seen before. If this is true, then maybe the primary internal hardware doesn't need to be at "superphone" levels to perform these functions. Nokia's current Windows Phone Lumia 925/928 series is a prime example of a device which functions smoothly and efficiently despite having mid-range hardware specs. Perhaps that is the case with this next Motorola device.

One other theory is that the X FON naming conventions attributed to these devices passing through the FCC is simply a marketing/model naming trick designed to fake us out, and the final Moto X is a completely different device. Of course, that is hard to believe because it doesn't make much strategic sense. It's also possible that the current X FON products were originally the Motorola X Phone, but Moto decided to use that name on a different device later on down the pipe. If so, then the model number of these devices may say X FON, but it could have a different final retail name. This would leave them open to call something else with bigger specs their Moto X.

Of course, these last two ideas are highly speculative. Occam's Razor implies that we should simply accept the simplest evidence before us because it is most likely the truth. That would mean the Moto X could be a disappointment in the hardware department (relatively speaking).

Source: AndroidAuthority