Sometimes it takes some really "out of the box" thinking to shake things up and get people's attention. Motorola's potential new advertising campaign might do just that with a unique and almost paradoxical focus/theme. Apparently, a new advertising campaign for Motorola was just outed on by designer B.A. Bäkken. For now it isn't clear if Bäkken will be the one running this new campaign, but it seems possible.

That isn't the only thing that isn't clear about the new advertising campaign. For the most part it appears that Motorola might be going through a re-branding phase with the intent of completely transforming the company's image. The campaign is filled with a series of "Goodbye Moto" ads. In fact, one of them reads like a goodbye letter between old friends. Here's the contents,

We're not good at goodbyes. No one is. They're hard. And sad. But the time has come. After nearly a century of innovation, we must say farewell. Farewell to the first handheld cell phone. To the Razr. To the game snake. Farewell to the Motorola that has shaped today.

It's time to start building tomorrow. Change is afoot. New faces. New ideas. New technologies. The Motorola that returns will not be the company you once knew. But we have some work to do. So until we're ready, we're going away. No new ads or tweets. No site updates. Just silence until we begin the next chapter.

Until we meet again, goodbye Moto.
As you can see, the perspective of the advertising is one of change and rebirth. Speaking of rebirth, several of the images include a date on them: 8.1.13. This seems to suggest the new Motorola will be reborn on that date. It could also suggest the official launch of the new Moto X phone rumors have teased about for quite some time. Additionally, there seems to be two phases of these ads. The first phase is punctuated with a grim black appearance, while the second phase which begins with a friendly "hello again" is colorful and bright.

Some of these new ads include some intriguing catch-phrases, like "Nothing won’t change," and "What could change? How about everything."

It's possible that this was an advertising campaign that was pitched to, but rejected by Motorola, so it may never see the light of day. It's also possible it could be part of the campaign to "leak" this info. We will keep a close watch on this to see if anything fruitful develops out of it. Be sure to hit up the source link to catch more of the pics.

Source: AndroidAuthority