We caught wind of an intriguing little cloud-funding project called CloudLocker. It's on the lesser known cloud-funding site "indiegogo," but that doesn't diminish its potential value. CloudLocker aims to offer users the ability to have their own personal cloud storage. It's basically the opposite of typical cloud storage in that you store your data on your own personal hard drive at home. What is unique about it is that it creates a mini-personal network that allows you to access your personal cloud storage from anywhere you choose, and it even lets you give others limited access to it as you see fit.

The point of CloudLocker is for folks who want to access their personal data from anywhere, but do not trust leaving their stuff on far away data centers from companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google or Dropbox, etc. Here's a quick quote from the indiegogo site describing it,

What is CloudLocker?

CloudLocker is the new cool kid on the block, offering a private and secure alternative to public cloud storage. While online cloud storage services have become very popular in recent years, users are growing more concerned about potential security breaches and losing control of their personal data stored in the Cloud. CloudLocker lets you keep your files in your possession, while also giving you all the convenience of cloud technology coupled with an innovative approach to sharing and control over your digital media.
Here's a link to check out more about CloudLocker: Claim Your Own Cloud with CloudLocker | Indiegogo