There's a new rumor hitting the web that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come to retail globally with two different displays. Apparently there will be a limited supply of AMOLED materials for the gigantic displays on the device. This has lead Samsung to a point of compromise in which some markets will get the AMOLED and some will get the traditional LCD.

If you remember back, these same rumors came out about the Galaxy S4 before it was announced, but they turned out to be false. However, this time, the likelihood that things will turn out this way are a bit higher. Samsung has been using their AMOLED display tech for a number of devices from the SGS4 to their new OLED 55-inch TVs. This could easily cramp supply for the technology in the coming months.

The source of this rumor also speculates that Samsung will be turning to Sharp for these LCD displays because of Samsung's new minority shareholder position in the company. We will obviously be keeping an eye on this to see if it turns out to be accurate, and will keep you informed.

Source: AndroidAuthority