When our focus is just on the mobile industry, it's perhaps easy to lose sight of the fact that Motorola isn't just a mobile device maker. Many people don't realize how many technological innovations were spear-headed by Motorola over the past several decades. In fact, it was only a few years ago that Motorola CPUs powered Apple computers before the switch to Intel. Motorola doesn't just design chips either. They have been behind some of the most important advances in radio and cellular technology as well.

In the context of that, we recently caught wind of some intriguing possibilities from Tweets by Rachid Alameh at Motorola. He is referring to wearable devices, but some of his statements suggest the company is still on the cutting edge of innovation in other areas as well. If you read between the lines of his Tweets it is probable that Motorola is now working even more closely with Google on wearable technology; however, one particular Tweet caught our attention and suggests that maybe Moto is working on a new motion based charging technology for mobile devices.

If you check out the fourth Tweet down from the top in the pic above, Mr. Alameh states, "Devices must take advantage of energy that already exists - heat, motion - to erase the need to recharge." Now, obviously this is just speculation, but it isn't too much of a leap to think that because this is on his mind, it is something Moto is working on. Perhaps some of the best innovations we will see in the next couple of years from Motorola won't be in a fancy new smartphone, but instead could be the way we charge our smartphones and more.

Source: Twitter - Motorola