Do you remember those Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits which created so much drama last year? You know, the ones where Apple won a $1 Billion+ verdict against Samsung in the United States... Well, they are back in the news again today. Previously, we reported that Apple was trying to have the Galaxy S4 added to one of their many lawsuits. Luckily for Samsung and justice, it turns out that attempt failed. Here's a quote with the details,

U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal made the decision as part of a second patent lawsuit between the two companies that concerns newer devices such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. The judge noted, according to Bloomberg, that adding another product is a “tax on the court’s resources.” He explained that Apple and Samsung already “consume considerable amounts of the court’s time and energy, which takes time way from other parties who also require and are entitled to the court’s attention.” An attorney for Apple argued that by excluding the Galaxy S4, the company would be required to “file a new lawsuit” because many of the products in the case will be outdated by the time the trial takes place next year.
So, an Apple attorney whined that the products in the case will be outdated by the time the trial tales place... No kidding? Huh... maybe you should have thought of that before you started the lawsuits to begin with!!!

Source: BGR