It looks like T-Mobile isn't finished with big announcements designed to try to shake up the industry. Not too long ago, T-Mo announced their new Uncarrier pricing plan which basically does away with carrier contracts with them. In some ways their new plans aren't much different because you are basically financing your phone at 0% interest over 20 months, but for the most part their fresh new take on the carrier-customer relationship offers a more affordable alternative. This did a pretty good job of shaking things up and getting folks to think about how they want to pay for their cell phone service.

Apparently, this wasn't the only trick they had up their sleeves. T-Mobile just sent out some invitations to a new press event they will be holding on July 10th. In their invitation they promise their "boldest moves yet," which is a bold statement in an of itself. The invite doesn't really offer much in the way of hints as to what they may be revealing, but because of the plurality of the wording, we can surmise they have more than one thing to announce.

We haven't really heard any hints or tidbits about this yet, so there really isn't much to go on. It could be something as simple as the announcement of some new phones, or it could be some new policy shifts. We do know that the Sony Xperia Z is set to launch on July 17th, so it could be something related to that. We will stop speculating for now and leave that in your capable hands. What do you guys think T-Mo might announce on July 10th?