Last week we shared that the regular edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (and the HTC One) will work with the Google Play Edition Firmware ROM installed. Unfortunately, at that time, Verizon's version of the device would be delayed because of the differing radios from the Google Edition. Of course, our community of developers are so good, they prove that the delays don't have to be very long. Fruitful Devs have already made the stock Android Galaxy S4 ROM available for the Verizon version of the S4. It's a direct port from the GT-I9505. Here's a quote from the XDA dev below regarding this ROM,

Well looks like I'll be supporting various versions of the Google Edition ROM ported for VZW. I started this just to prove out a theory I had about being about to get data, easily, on a 9505 rom port.
Here's a link below to the XDA source of this ROM. Enjoy!

Source: XDA