Most of the "customization" details of the new Moto X have been revealed. Apparently, a large variety of features will be user customizable from the factory before you purchase the device. You can either purchase standard versions at your local carrier, or you can order a customized version online. The customization options are massive. As far as hardware, you will only be able to choose which storage size you want for the device, with likely ranges of 16GB, 32GB & 64GB.

The primary customizations are aesthetic personalizations. You will be able to choose colors, custom wallpapers from photos you send in, and even have custom names or messages engraved on the back of the device before shipping. As far as the color customizations are concerned, you can even select different trim levels from a large palette of different color combinations. For example, you can choose one color for the front of the phone, and another one for the back.

The phone will be coming on all the major US carriers and has been confirmed as coming to Verizon as well. The Verizon version will not have the familiar Droid naming convention. Here's a quick quote with a few more details,

The biggest tricks of the phone come with what Motorola has been doing with the hardware sensors, sources say. Instead of having to fumble to find the camera icon or button, users will be able to flick the phone to launch the camera. There are also added voice capabilities, which leverage Google's advanced voice recognition technology. The phone is said to be smart enough to know when you are driving and will automatically launch the speakerphone function.

Motorola announced in June that the Moto X would be made and assembled at a 500,000-square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Sources told ABC News that this will allow Motorola to ship the fully customized phone within days to users.

Motorola would not comment directly on these details when reached by ABC News, however, the company did say that the location of the production facility would allow for speedy delivery to American customers. Most smartphones are made overseas, which makes it more difficult to quickly ship customized phones to customers in the U.S.

"Yes, we are making the phone in the U.S. We did that because of speed and access to end users in the U.S. It opens up some really cool possibilities," Motorola spokesperson Danielle K. McNally told ABC News. McNally added that it plans to hire over 2,200 employees at the Fort Worth facility by August.
Incidentally, we also know that the phone will initially run Android 4.2.2 out of the box, but since Android 4.3 is likely coming soon it should be upgradeable a short time after launch. It looks like Googorola is really trying to shakeup the slightly stale smartphone industry with some new and fresh ideas.

Source: ABCNews