If you were one of the folks wanting to get a white Nexus 4 smartphone, but were holding out for some reason, you might be saddened to find out it is sold out on the Google Play Store. In fact, both the 8GB and the 16GB versions are both completely sold out, and because they were limited edition, they will not be going on sale again. There is one last chance to get one, however. T-Mobile still offers the white version of the device.

If you are already on T-Mo or willing to switch, keep in mind it will cost quite a bit more than the Google Play Store version. They have it for $427.99 total, or you can get it for just $20 bucks down and a monthly payment of $17 for 24 months. This ends up being $127.99 more than the Google Play Store version, but at least it's available if its that important to you.

Here's a link to T-Mo to check it out: T-Mobile - White Nexus 4