Earlier we reported on the new Nexus 5 possibly coming later this year as a variant of the LG G2. If you are curious about the new LG G2, these leaked pics and video from Engadget will be worth checking out. We included a link below to most of the pics, but the video really shows off the design of the device in great detail. As you can see, the volume control rocker is definitely on the backside of the device as previous leaked pics have indicated. According to the source of this report, the model shown has a Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3GHz and is paired with 2GB RAM. The source of the leak also indicated the device feels very good in hand. Here's a pic of the device followed by a link to several more.

Here's the link to 5 more pics of the device: Leaked Pics of the LG G2

This particular version of the G2 is headed to Sprint, and at this time no other carriers have been confirmed, but that is likely to change. The G2 is going to be launched at the LG August 7th press event and we should know the full details at that time. We will continue to share more intel on the device as soon as we receive it.

Source: Engadget