With all the Moto X, Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX news, things can get pretty darn confusing. Remembering what device looks like what can test anyones memory, especially when they all look very similar. Thanks to evleaks we are able to share with everyone a family portrait of the Droid family that will be hitting Big Red sometime this summer. The pic above shows (from left to right) the Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx posing for the camera and looking mighty sexy or hot depending on your gender. I guess guys can be sexy too right? Ahh nevermind -- as you can see the Ultra and MAXX are identical twins with the exception of the MAXX sporting more power under the hood in the form of an unknown larger capacity mAh battery.

We are still left wondering why Moto insists on releasing the Ultra when the MAXX is the exact same device save the much larger mAh battery. The MAXX is just a more attractive device for most consumers because of the obvious, but perhaps Moto know's something we don't. We're going to assume saving $50.00 on the Ultra will reel in more consumers who may otherwise pass on the MAXX due to price, but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter because Motorola and Big Red like to stage their Droid releases like this.

There you have it folks! The newest Droid family caught in a police line-up er family portrait. Sound off in the comments on which of these handsets you are waiting for to drop on VZW.

Source: evleaks