It looks like T-Mobile may not be the only U.S. carrier to offer new pricing plans. A leaked internal promotional document details some possible new pricing plans from The Now Network: Sprint. The new plans seem a bit overly complicated, which could lead to confusion amongst customers. From what we can gather from the doc, Sprint will not be replacing thier current "Unlimited Everything Plans" but instead will simply be adding some new alternatives.

The new plans are called "Unlimited, My Way," and they operate on the idea that "the more you add, the more you save." Here's a simple breakdown:
  • One line of unlimited talk and text is $50 per month
  • Two lines are $40 each
  • Three lines are $30 each
  • Four-ten lines are $20 each
  • Adding on unlimited data will set you back $30 per month
  • Alternatively you can just add 1GB for $20 per month
  • There is also a package called "My All-In Plan" - This one includes unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5GB of hotspot data for $110 per month

If you do some of the math, for an individual who wants Unlimited Everything on one line and no mobile hotspot it will cost $50+$30 = $80 per month. Conversely, if you are family of four who doesn't want mobile hotspot, it will cost you $50+$30 = $80 for the first line with unlimited data; then add $20x3 = $60 for the other lines; then add $30x3 = $90 for unlimited data on the other lines; for a grand total of $80+$60+$90 = $230.

What do you guys think? Are Sprint's potential new leaked plans a good enough value to compete with T-Mobile?

Source: PhoneArena