It looks like Googorola is using the power of trickling leaks as free advertising. The latest is another pic of the device in the wild. This one looks just like the white we witnessed in Eric Schmidt's hands this morning. This shot is a bit more of a closeup though and really gives a great look at the device's shape and materials.

As it turns out, the previous intel about customizable materials is true. Taylor Wimberly shared this pic, and along with it he shared that the Moto X will have a good variety of different materials choices for folks who want to order one of the customized versions. Here's a quote from his Google+ page with the details,

People keep asking for Moto X leaks, so here is another tidbit. Moto X features a curved design engineered from ground up for personalization. As I reported awhile back, users will be able to pick the material for the backplate. Plastic is the default material, but wood is also an option that should be available at launch. Other materials like metals, ceramics, and fabrics should become available after the August 23rd launch. AT&T has some kind of "exclusive" thing for the Moto X launch, but I don't know if it's an exclusive material/color or something else completely different.
Besides the interesting listing of exotic materials, it's interesting to note that each carrier could have their own "exclusive" customization option. Which one of these materials sounds most appealing to you?

Source: Google+ - Taylor Wimberly