Folks head on over to our site dedicated to the upcoming Moto X by Motorola and reserve your low member number in the process (better hurry for that one). We expect this handset to be around for the long haul with the X brand being the Google acquired company's flagship smartphone going forward. With all the carriers involved, and $500 million USD being thrown towards advertising, this doesn't sound like a project that will be abandoned anytime soon. Motorola will always have a special place in our hearts because without them, and the OG Droid, most of us wouldn't be here now. One things for sure, DroidForums would have never been conceived and born. The horror! We are definitely pulling for them and wish them the best with this launch.

So head on over, register, and say hello! Look, I even linked you to all three so there's definitely no excuse...unless of course you are not getting an X Phone, but why would you do that?

Moto X Forums