The upcoming Motorola Moto X has been in the headlines lately thanks to numerous leaks, reports, and rumors. Thats to a user on Google + we now have some video details on what the Motorola Moto X has to offer.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Exclusive to Rogers in Canada with two variants in (black and white)
  • Launching in August.
  • Launch Google Now with your voice and without touching the handset. The trigger command is “OK Google Now”.
  • Ability to personalize the trigger command for the voice actions
  • No notification light. Alerts appear on the lockscreen under the time widget.
  • Launch the camera by twisting your wrist twice.
  • Take a photo by touching anywhere on the screen, or long-hold to take multiple photo


Check out the Moto X in action on Google+ and on Vimeo below.

Via: Moto X Forums