According to the latest intel, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 will likely be skipping Android 4.2.2 and get upgraded straight to Android 4.3. Supposedly, Samsung is working on Android 4.3 in conjunction with Android 4.3 for the devices, so they may end up bypassing the less advanced version altogether. Although this is just a rumor for now, it isn't far-fetched at all. A build of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4 has already leaked.

Along with this info comes a tentative timeframe for the launch of Android 4.3. Previous rumors pegged the devices to get Android 4.2.2 by the end of July, but Android 4.3 will no come in November instead. Of course, it likely depends upon if how quickly they work out all the kinks. It's possible we will still see Android 4.2.2 briefly before the launch of Android 4.3. We will keep our feelers out for more info regarding this potential move from Samsung.

As an bonus sidenote: the same source of this intel indicated that Samsung eventually plans to upgrade the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2 to Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie in the future, whenever it is released.

Source: AndroidAuthority