With the plethora of leaks we have been getting regarding the Moto X, we are now able to piece together a more accurate picture of when the device will finally launch. A new leak seems to confirm previous rumors of an August rollout for the device. Specifically, a leaked document from US Cellular shows that the carrier will be getting the device on August 26th. Here's a quote with a few of the details,

Looks like marketing materials currently are slated to arrive the last week of August, with a device launch on Aug. 26. We're told that the "Wave 1, 2, & 3" part could refer to stores in USCC's LTE markets getting first dibs on the devices, with non-LTE markets to follow.
As you can see, according to the memo, it appears the launch details are pretty firm. Incidentally, along with this leak we have been hearing even more rumors that the device include a stock (or near stock) version of Android. This device could appeal to both the mainstream markets and the hardcore Android purist crowd, if that turns out to be true. Sound off if that makes a difference to you.

Source: MotoXForums via AndroidCentral