Verizon just officially announced the new Motorola Droid series lineup and from little was revealed they look mildly intriguing. Their presentation was super-quick. It was literally over in 5 minutes. Here's what they shared about the new Droid Mini, the Droid Ultra and the Droid Maxx.
  • Droid Mini - focused on compact design = priced at $99 on contract
  • Droid Ultra - focused on being ultra-thin (7.18mm) = priced at $199 on contract
  • Droid Maxx - focused on superior battery life = priced at $299 on contract

All three devices will be available on August 20th. All three will be made of the familiar Kevlar Unibody design so they are "thinner, lighter and stronger."

Verizon primarily focused on the software functions of the devices although they shared a few technical tidbits. The phones will use a new Motorola X8 Computing System, which supposedly brings 24% faster CPU performance and 100% faster GPU processing. This architecture includes two primary processing cores, one contextual compute core, and one natural language processing core. The Droid Maxx is 9% thinner than the previous generation Droid RAZR HD MAXX, but still has an 8% better battery life (up to 48 hours).

Here's the new software functions they included:
  • Touchless control - make calls, search directions and more all hands free.
  • Active Display - lights up a portion of the screen for notifications and messages.
  • Quick Capture - launches your camera faster
  • Droid Zap - share pictures with your friends with "swipe gestures" (we suspect this is some form of NFC sharing, although they weren't specific).
  • Droid Command Center - allows you to access and control Zap and other features.
  • Google's new MMO AR game "Ingress" will be exclusively pre-loaded on the Droid series. You can invite up to five friends to join.

That's all Verizon shared. It's strange that none of the other details, like customizable colors or really any specific hardware specs were revealed during the event. We will keep an eye out for official press releases with more details and will share them with you ASAP!

Source: Engadget