The Moto X is shaping up to be one amazing device. Beyond all the leaked details we have been hearing for the past several months, some new intel has come to light. A slew of special features on the device was recently demoed and described. Here's a quote with a breakdown below,

TouchLess Control: The feature is also found in the new Verizon Droids and lets users issue voice-based commands to the handset – the Rogers video has already demoed this feature. The phone will apparently learn your voice, and the hotword is “Ok Google Now,” (it’s not clear if it can be changed at this time).

Active Display and Active Notifications: Also demoed on the new Droids, the feature takes advantage of the AMOLED display in these handsets (the Moto X will apparently pack one such display too) to light up only certain pixels when the screen is off in order to display notifications while conserving battery life. The phone will know when it’s in your pocket or purse, in a call, or place face down on a surface, in which case the display won’t light up for notifications. You can also configure it not to turn on during the night. The feature comes with new gestures: swiping up will let you see more details about the notifications, swiping down unlocks the device, while dragging the finger to left and right will clear notifications.

Motorola Connect: A Motorola Connect Chrome extension will be available to Moto X owners, and once enabled, it will let you send and receive messages from the desktop, as well as get call notifications. The service will be available for the new Droids as well.

Motorola Migrate: The tool will let you easily migrate information from your former smartphone to the Moto X, including text messages, call history, SIM contacts, media, and even some settings. To work, a Motorola Migrate app should be installed on the old device.

Motorola Assist: This app apparently replaces Smart Actions and will help you automatically switch settings depending on certain parameters. Some of these smart actions include automatically moving to driving mode when detecting driving or to silent mode for meetings or at night. The Assist app has a Google Now-like UI, and together with the Active Notification feature seems to be included in the phone’s “contextual awareness” features we’ve heard about in so many Moto X reports.

Phone tracking: Finally, this feature will help you find a lost or stolen phone by using your Google account and an unspecified web portal to track it.
It's intriguing to contemplate all the extra software functionality that Googorola is packing into this very affordable device (assuming the $300 dollar off contract price rumors are accurate). Could Motorola have a huge hit on their hands?

Source: AndroidAuthority