Apparently, the Moto X event which Google teased last week will be more than just the usual press presentation. Google is turning it into a party style event and have shared the venue and the time. The event will kick off at 8PM in New York and run to 1AM. They also included a list of some of the entertainment which will be on hand. Here's a quote with more of the details,

We already knew that Motorola would be debuting the Moto X at an event on August 1 in New York, but neither the time when it would take place nor the venue were announced. The latest invite includes both, with the launch kicking off at 8PM EST and lasting until the wee morning hours. It looks like Google is gearing up for quite the kick off.

There’s a host of entertainment involved, among them being DJ Kaskade, M4SONIC, Thank You X, Chef Marc Forgione, SOL REPUBLIC, and the comedy team JASH. Beyond that, the invite also gives us one other interesting piece of information, which you can spot for yourself up on the left corner: a shot of a white Moto X, which looks similar to the one Google’s Eric Schmidt was seen using.
We are excited to see how things turn out for this event, and will keep you apprised.

Source: via SlashGear