The above pic is of the OG MotoActv. The final Moto X Watch will likely be very different.

On August 1st, all eyes in the mobile tech world will be focused on the first collaboration between Google and Motorola, the launch of the new Moto X. While the phone itself will be the deserved center of attention, we have some interesting intel that it will not be the only star of the show. According to some newly leaked info Motorola and Google will also debut their new Moto X Watch, a smartwatch based on the Moto X and designed to go hand-in-hand with it. Here's a quote with the juicy morsel of "rumint,"

Did some digging on that "Save Google Watch." Turns out it was called the Moto x Watch and scheduled to launch same time as moto x. Do not know if it was delayed or had a name change, but the two products definitely integrated in some interesting ways for device authentication. Guess we find out on August 1st.
If this turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see if this Moto X Watch will be more than a glorified fit and fitness tool. Could it actually be a more useful wearable portable smart communications device?

Thanks for the tip, KaChow!

Source: Androidlab