The final press renders of the HTC One mini have supposedly leaked. As you can see from the pic above, the HTC One Mini looks nearly identical to its larger cousin, except for a few small details and the obvious size difference. Here's a quote with some of the details,

As you can see, the Beats Audio logo has turned grey and isnít its usual bright red (which isnít a bad thing at all if you ask us). AT&Tís logo is there, of course, but more understated than ever, and it fits nicely with all the grey surrounding it.

The Blink Feed home screen shown in the render of the front of the device has had its location changed to Atlanta (it was London in the press render for the international One Mini). Oh, and the Ďcarrierí is obviously AT&T in the top left corner too. The stories in the Blink Feed have changed as well compared to those in the original renders.

And thatís about it. Like its bigger and more capable brother the One, the One Mini looks exactly the same on AT&T as it does on any other carrier across the world.
How many of you guys are clamoring for this device? How about merely interested?

Source: UnWiredView