We have a double scoop of creamy delicious Moto X news this afternoon. For the first scoop we have the above pic which is supposedly of the new Magic Glass for the Moto X which we shared rumors about previously. This new leak seems to confirm that the zero-gap, smooth-edge transition display will indeed be included with the new Moto X. There are a few more pics which you can find here, but the one above seems to show the best angle.

The second yummy dip could be one of those flavors that some people hate while others love. (Now I am craving some ice cream.) Apparently, the new Moto X will come with a Nano-SIM instead of a Micro-SIM. This could pose a problem if you switch your devices often, unless you are coming from an iPhone 5 or a Droid 3. It's odd to see Motorola choose this option, but there are probably some good reasons behind it.

Sound off what you think of these newly discovered "features."

Source: AndroidAuthority