Over the past year all the talk has been about how Samsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone world. While that is still true, it is not, quantitatively, as true as it was before. It looks like Sony is hard charging from the back and gaining a little bit of lost ground against the other runners. According to their latest financials, they sold 9.6 million smartphones in the last quarter compared to the 7.4 million it sold in the same quarter of 2012. Even more importantly than that metric is the fact that they also posted increased revenue and strong profit from these sales. Sony's mobile division cranked out a $60 million profit compared to posting a loss of $28.1 million in the same quarter last year. Most of these sales were bolstered by the new Xperia Z line of phones.

While these numbers seem paltry compared to the massive billions the other two titans are making, being in the black is still a good thing for any company. The media has constantly been saying that only Apple and Samsung seem to be making any profit in mobile. It looks like Sony may beg to differ with that assessment, as their strength in the Asian and European markets is still potent.

Source: BGR