The folks at Phone Arena created a handy little graphic comparing the sizes of the primary Android flagship smartphones to the new LG G2. They included a pic and the dimensions for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z. Over-all the new LG G2 is slightly taller than the SGS4 and the HTC One, but is shorter than the Xperia Z. Likewise the same thing applies to the width of the devices. The LG G2 is thicker than the SGS4 and the Xperia Z, but is thinner than the HTC One. Its weight is identical to the HTC One, which is heavier than the SGS4, but lighter than the Xperia Z.

Where it really stands out is in its edge-to-edge display. The 5.2-inch viewable display area is noticeably more than all the others, even just in pictures. It looks like LG did a good job of increasing the screen size without making the phone noticeably bigger than the other "smaller" flagship phones. What do you guys think of the size?