At first glance, when comparing the new Moto X to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, the new device doesn't seem to impress. Except comparing them directly might be like comparing apples to oranges, at least according to Motorola's top engineer, Iqbal Arshad. Mr. Arshad recently sat down for an interview with CNET and had some choice words to say defending the advanced innovations in the new Moto X and slamming the SGS4 and HTC One for being inferior experiences.

You might jump to the conclusion that he is just throwing out sour grapes, and that he is biased; however, after reading his arguments, he makes a solid case as to why the new Moto X is much more than meets the eye. Here's a quote with a great summary of his perspective on the subject,

Arshad went on to slam Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for not being “really smart”:

"Motorola's vision is to really change how smartphones work. The small computers we carry around in our pockets aren't “really” smart. I mean, what can you do with the Samsung Galaxy S4 that you can't do with the Galaxy S3? The answer is nothing."

Moreover, he claims that the Moto X can accomplish things that would require a HTC One or Galaxy S4 three batteries:

"None of those other processors could do all the noise cancellation and offer the same level of intelligence and still be low power. What we have done with the Moto X has not been done before. It's the world's first. And we think it will change the way people make phone calls and use their phones."

The Motorola boss also compared Samsung’s offerings to the Moto X when it comes to its display, which many people have slammed for being just 720p. He says that, because Samsung employs a Pentile subpixel arrangement on the Galaxy S4, the device isn’t really 1080p, while, due to inferior optimization, the panel consumes too much energy. HTC’s SLCD panels are simply dismissed as inferior.

"Samsung is using a graphics processor, but they're using it the wrong way and their performance is actually worse than ours. They are burning more battery life. In the case of HTC, they're using an LCD screen, which is simply an inferior technology."

To top it off, Iqbal Arshad went after the much criticized “cheap plastic” that Samsung uses on its phones:

"I guess if we had wanted to design a cheaper feeling plastic phone that maybe would have had some gaps in the hardware design, we could have done that {referring to a removable battery}."
The quote above comes from AndroidAuthority, but you can read even more of the article at the CNET source link below.

What do you guys think? Is the level of innovation in the Moto X currently underrated?

Source: MotoXForums via CNET