This next story is definitely a case of "what the heck were they thinking?". LG had a big press publicity stunt in Seoul, Korea over the weekend. It was a contest called “G in the clouds” that would allow lucky winners a chance to get a free LG G2 flagship smartphone. However, things went awry and twenty people were injured.

To win a phone participants just needed to recover coupons which were tied to helium-filled balloons. Unfortunately, several folks decided to increase their odds of victory by bringing tools like butterfly nets and BBGuns. Apparently it turned into a frenzy. The news report wasn't clear on whether it was a stampede or simply people shooting each other in the eye with BBs, but either way, it wasn't thought out very well.

LG originally planned to have this same contest/event in several other cities. Luckily they rethought that idea after this incident and have sinced cancelled them. LG also issued an apology and plans to pay the medical expenses of everyone involved.

Source: KoreaTimes