Hot on the heels of our previous story sharing that Verizon is juggling the launch date of their Moto X to August 29th, we have a secondary confirmation that Sprint and AT&T will still be launching theirs on August 23rd, as we reported previously.

New sources close to the matter have indicated that things have not shifted for AT&T and Sprint. The Moto X should still launch with them on the previously rumored August 23rd launch date. Strangely, we have less info coming out regarding T-Mobile on this device. It's possible their launch date is now in flux and might get delayed or even accelerated. Of course it could also mean nothing at all, and the August 23rd launch date for the Moto X on the "light red" network might still hold true.

For those looking to grab the new Moto X, which carrier will you be getting it for?

Source: MotoXForums