We have an LG G Pad Triple-header for you guys today. First, the upcoming flagship tablet from LG now has a new teaser video which you can see above. The video is the first official proof from LG about the new 8.3-inch tablet. The video doesn't show off too many specs, but we have a couple of more sources of intel regarding the device which might flesh that out a bit. It looks like the LG G Pad will not have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 after-all. Instead it will likely sport the more modest Snapdragon 600. While this is a bit of a downgrade, the other rumor we have to share is that they are focusing quite a bit more on making the display more impressive.

Supposedly LG will be endowing the G Pad with a special film-based touch panel technology dubbed GF2. Here's a quote with a description of the technology,

What is GF2 and why is it important? To understand, you need to know that most touchscreen displays are composed of several layers, including a touch panel, which detects when the user touches the screen and translates it into a signal that the processor can work with.

In most designs, touch panels are made of glass, which has some drawbacks glass is relatively thick, heavy, and it also breaks easily. To mitigate these problems, some display manufacturers have replaced the glass-based touch panel with one that is based on a plastic film. The film is cheaper, lighter, and much thinner than glass, which enables device makers to shave off a little bit more from the girth of their devices.
According to this same report, this new GF2 technology will also be in the next generation iPad, and was used in the iPad mini. The display on the LG G Pad will support a resolution of 1920 x 1200. The tablet will also be coming with WiFi and LTE variants available. How well do you think LG will be able to do in the fairly crowded tablet market?

Source: AndroidAuthority