We have a new pic of what is supposedly the bezel for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This time, however, it is accompanied by a bezel from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. By comparing the two side-by-side, we can see that the new GNote 3 will not only have nearly non-existent display bezels on the sides, it will also have a slightly taller display, even though the outer casing hasn't really changed in size.

This obviously confirms the previous rumor that the GNote3 will have a 5.7-inch display versus the GNote2's 5.5-inch panel. We are only about a week away before we see the official unveiling of this next-gen Samsung phablet at IFA. On September 4th we will finally get to see if these leaked pics were accurate. Who else is really excited about this device?

Source: AndroidAuthority