We don't have any corroboration for this from any of our secondary sources, but we have received some insider intel that may be important to Verizon customers who want to grab the Moto X. According to the info, the initial online order of the VZW Moto X will not come with Android 4.3 installed. Supposedly, Verizon plans to update the online ordered Moto X phones to the newer version of Android on September 4th.

To be clear, the retail store versions of this device will supposedly not have this problem and will actually already have Android 4.3 installed. This could mean that the brick-and-mortar retail Verizon stores won't even get the device until on or after September 4th, but it could also simply mean the Moto X phones which are ordered online are organized in a different batch which will not have the Android 4.3 update until later.

We will keep a close watch on this to let you know if it turns out to be true, and if anything changes. In the mean-time, keep this in mind for your purchasing if this should matter much to you.

Thanks for the tip, BlackWS6LS1!

Source: MotoXForums.com