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It is probably too soon to be talking about this, but we are just the messengers. Apparently Samsung is already hard at work on the next generation Samsung Galaxy S5. In fact, according to the latest intel, they plan on putting it into production by the end of 2013. Additionally, it appears the next generation of this device may finally eschew the plastic housing in favor of a metallic one. Here's a quick quote with a few more details,

The report also claims that Samsung is looking to start a production line later this year to create those metal chassis, with a sample produced in Europe sent for testing to Vietnam earlier this year. Samsung is reportedly treading lightly and is looking to minimize effects of a metal housing, such as on the antenna reception (Apple's "death grip" on iPhone, remember that?). Hopefully, things like removable batteries and expandable storage are being focused on, too.
It seems like the honeymoon with our amazing SGS4 smartphones is barely over, and now they are already talking about the SGS5. Come on Sammy! Let us enjoy what we have for just a little while!

Thanks for the tip, Astrix!