Today, Verizon's pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 officially start (which you can find here). For the first time in a long time Big Red was ahead of the other carriers in launching a new smartphone.

Although the others are a bit behind, that doesn't mean they aren't trying to catch up. Both AT&T and T-Mobile just shared their launch details for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Here's the info:
  • AT&T is also beginning their pre-orders for the device today (which you can find here). Their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be $299.99 on a new contract and will release around October 1st.
  • T-Mobile hasn't announced pre-orders yet, but they did release pricing and availability details. The T-Mo GNote3 will come on October 2nd for $199 down with payments of $21/month for 24 months. Incidentally, T-Mobile will also launch the Galaxy Gear on that same day for $299 without a contract option.

Which carrier do you plan on using the new GNote3 with?