When HTC first hit us with their new marketing campaign starring Robert Downey Jr., it was hard to be optimistic about it. The premise seemed like it could be humorous, but the campiness seemed a bit off. Now they have taken the campiness into overdrive, and the result doesn't really add to the comedy quotient. What they have done is spammed a serious of short 7-second video ads. Each of these is meant to be an example of the "cubes" full of weird stuff which we saw in the main "Here's to Change" commercial. There are nine new videos of these variations on the HTC initials.

We won't post all the videos, but we will post a list and a link to the HTC YouTube site for you to peruse them. We can't promise you will be entertained, but we are curious to hear your perspective on the vids. Here's the list:
  • Hairdresser Teaching Calculus
  • Hairy Taekwondo Coach
  • Hands That Clap
  • Happy Taco Cart
  • Harpoon Through Cheese
  • Hawaiian Tickle Ceremony
  • Horror Theater Curmudgeon
  • Hot Tempered Cheerleaders
  • Hungarian Tuba Concert

Tell us what you think... clever and catchy or lame and desperate?

Source: YouTube - HTC