It's funny how sometimes in life you will research something which will tangentially teach you about random stuff that you didn't previously know about. The KitKat contest for Android is a prime example. Did you know that Nestle owns Hershey's Chocolate? I certainly didn't before this news piece. The KitKat bar has always been a Nestle product, but after I began writing up this article about a KitKat bar Android contest, I noticed it took me to a Hershey's website. After doing some digging I found out that Hershey's is indeed now owned by Nestle... interesting chocolate trivia.

At any rate, on to the contest... KitKat now has an Android contest which has gone live. You have a chance to win a Nexus 7 (from 1000), a $5 Google Play credit (from 150,000 available), or a free bag of KitKat Minis (from 20,000). To enter you simply have to buy a specially marked Android KitKat bar and you should find a coupon code inside the wrapper. Just enter the coupon code at the contest website and you will be entered to win. Here's the spot to enter the code:

How many of you are going to eat KitKat bars for the next few days as if it were Halloween?