Earlier we shared that the general consensus regarding the LG D820 being the Nexus 5 has flip-flopped back to an affirmative. Now we found a cool pic straight from the FCC of this new LG D820 device! Here's a quote with more of the details,

Documents seen on the Federal Communications Commission web site provide the clearest look yet at what could be a new Google Nexus phone made by LG. LG submitted a "class 2 permissive change" for a variant of Verizon's LG G2 for "some hardware changes (antenna/PCB adjustments)" to the device. Such changes are typical close to the release of new phones. However, the photos that accompany the class 2 permissive change show what appears to be an entirely different device. The new device resembles the shape and design language of the Nexus 4, but has a larger camera design that is plainly visible on the back surface.
There were actually several pics, but most of them aren't too spectacular so we only included the one above. Check out the source link below for more.

Source: Phonescoop