Last month we reported that Jean-Baptiste Quéru was leaving Android's AOSP project over frustration with having to deal with patent licensing issues with Qualcomm. Quéru was discouraged by his inability to do his job properly because of these issues and ultimately decided to leave Google. It turns out that Yahoo decided to snap him up.

This move makes sense for both parties. Yahoo has been on a hiring spree lately trying to increase and improve their internal talent pool. Mr. Quéru shared in a later Tweet that he will be "working in engineering on the suite of Yahoo! mobile apps." Of course, we are all sad to hear Mr. Quéru left Google, but we wish him well in his new endeavors at Yahoo. We can't help but think Google's loss is a big gain for Yahoo.

It just goes to show that silly patent issues can impact the technology sector even out of the courtroom.

Source: Twitter - Jean-Baptiste Quéru