When it comes to testing smartphones for durability, Apple's iPhones typically score a bit better than most of their Android competition (with some notable exceptions). Motorola just showed them up though. According to a battery of durability tests performed on video by gadget insurer SquareTrade, the Moto X outshines both of the new iPhone models. Here's a quote from SquareTrade with their take on the testing, and above we have a video of the process,

“When it comes to breakability, Apple takes a step back with its latest offerings. The iPhone 5s fared worse than its predecessor, the iPhone 5, in our slide test and the iPhone 5c suffered from increased smash-ability in our drop test as well as reduced grip-ability.

We were expecting that at least one of the new iPhone models would up its game but surprisingly, it was the Moto X that proved most forgiving of accidents. This is the first time we’ve tested the breakability on a Motorola phone, the only phone we’ve ever tested that’s made in the USA. We were pleased to find that it withstood our drop, slide and dunk test with only the slightest dent. It looks like Google is giving Apple and Samsung a run for their money.”
It's interesting that the new iPhones don't fair as well as their predecessors, but what is more interesting is that the Moto X trumps them both in toughness. The Moto X shows that "Made in the USA" is still a badge of honor worth heralding.

Source: AllThingsD via MotoXForums