One of the cool things about Android is just how versatile and customizable it is. If it weren't for this, then our amazing modders, devs and tinkerers in the forums wouldn't be able to create the plethora of amazing ROMS and alterations we see everyday. Of course, because Android is so modifiable this also means that sometimes a manufacturer might just go off on a wide tangent by "forking" the base-line Android until it is practically unrecognizable. Sometimes that works out badly, but sometimes it works out well too.

As far as Amazon is concerned, they want Android on their Kindle Fire products to cater to their marketplace, so of course they have the most altered version of Android you can find on a device. They have taken this "skinned" version of Android to a whole new level with their new lineup of Kindle Fire HD and HDX products. They even have an internal codename for their OS which is, "Mojito." Here's a full run-down of everything that has changed or not changed in their newest 3.0 version of this OS.
  • Still no built-in official Google Play access - which is unsurprising
  • UI is mostly the same but now also includes the more familiar grid-style layout that you can access with an upward swipe
  • Swipe from the right, and you'll see Quick Switch, which lets you switch between different recently used pieces of content
  • Mayday (on the HDX) - this is basically an on-line help module with a one-way video conference with a live support technician (you can see them, but they can't see you) - they can basically explain the features and functions of your device to you live in real-time
  • Second Screen - allows you to "fling" content to your TV through a PlayStation 3 / 4 or Samsung smart TV. It doesn't actually stream from the tablet, but pulls it from the cloud - is fully integrated with their X-Ray functionality
  • X-Ray is now for Movies, TV and Music, 3.0 now features lyrics licensed so you can see them whether online or not
  • Reading Mode - turns off unnecessary processes while you are reading a book and can give you up to 17 hours of life on the HDX devices
  • Support for wireless printing for documents, email with threaded messaging and support for enterprise services like VPN and Kerberos authentication
  • Quiet Time will mute the device during certain times or activities, such as reading.
  • Quick Switch gestures allow you to switch not only between different apps, but also between different pieces of content within the same app (such as books inside the reading app).
  • Carousel and Grid — users can choose the layout of their home area, wth easy switching between the familiar carousel and a new grid mode.
  • Cloud Collections — organize your applications, books, magazines and newspapers in the cloud. Amazon Whispersync synchronizes your catalog across any number of Kindle devices.
  • 1-Tap Archive — free up space intelligently. The Fire OS can identify the things you haven't used recently and store them in your cloud with one tap to free up space.
  • System-level social integration — Twitter and Facebook sharing done directly within the OS, including importation of your Facebook calendar and contacts.
  • GameCircle and Whispersync for Games — developers can integrate game progress and profile syncing across devices using Amazon Web Services.

From what was explained, it is clear that Amazon is trying to push enterprise users to try out the Kindle Fire HD and HDX series a bit more. The above isn't all though. Here's a quick breakdown of previous features that have been improved or enhanced:
  • Android apps and games compatibility with the Amazon Appstore
  • Support for HTML5 apps
  • GameCircle and WhisperSync integration
  • In-app purchasing
  • Amazon Device Messaging for advanced notifications
  • Amazon Coins
  • Carousel and grid-based user interface options
  • Cloud Collections for easier organization of apps, books, music and more
  • Kindle FreeTime parental controls
  • OS-level social integration with Facebook and Twitter

Wow! It looks like Amazon's developers have been busy! There are a ton of new features and functions in "Mojito." It will be interesting to see how all of this comes together. Sound off if you or someone you know is a big fan of Amazon's Android tablet products!

Source: Amazon via Kindle-FireForum