If this recent rumor is accurate, the Galaxy S series isn't "premium" enough for Samsung. Apparently, Samsung got sick of the barbs thrown at them suggesting they make "cheap plastic" devices (not our perspective). Regardless of the validity of this judgement, some new intel indicates Sammy wants to take things to a whole new level of high-end. According to the leaked intel, Samsung plans to announce a new "premium" line of metal encased Galaxy F products sometime next year. Industry speculation suggests these devices might also include the new plastic-based flex display technology, making for a double-whammy of premium hardware.

If you think about it, it's a bit ironic really, or at least a bit twisted. Samsung will turn their case from plastic to metal and their display from glass to plastic, all in a bid to make their device feel more premium. Isn't the idea of premium a bit subjective anyway? What do you guys think?

Source: BGR