According to a Tweet from yesterday, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may be getting Android 4.3 in the next couple of months. SamMobile's Tweet indicated that Android 4.3 is already in testing for the GNote2, so the update could be out as early as November or December. This is great news for folks who were looking to stick with their GNote2 for a while. Of course, for folks looking to make the switch to the GNote3 when it launches soon, it will already have Android 4.3 on-board.

It's interesting that a rash of phones will be soon getting the Android 4.3 update, when it's possible the Android 4.4 KitKat update will soon be launched by Google. Of course, testing new software on older hardware always takes time, so this phenomenon is nothing new for Android.

Source: Twitter - SamMobile