Recently, a couple of different Samsung execs had wildly different things to say about the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Lee Don-joo, the president of Samsung’s strategic marketing for mobile business, was recently asked why the reception for the new Galaxy Gear has been so lukewarm. He responded defensively saying, "The Galaxy Gear is a wow product. It’s a wholly new and must-have accessory. It only weighs 74 grams and it’s very easy to receive a call or send a text.”

Not long afterward a different unnamed Samsung exec practically contradicted his colleague by admitting the Galaxy Gear "lacks something special." He said, “We’ve acknowledged that our Gear lacks something special. With more investment for user interface and user experience, Samsung devices will be better in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Don-joo also added some juicy details about new compatibility for the Galaxy Gear, which could add some additional value to the device. He basically confirmed that the Galaxy Gear will be compatible with the Galaxy S4 by the end of October, and it will also be compatible with the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 by the end of December. He said, "All functions of the Gear will be connected to the Galaxy S4 smartphone by next month and the connection will be expanded to Galaxy Note2 and Galaxy S3 by the end of December.”

Ultimately, there are two things Samsung needs to do to truly make the Galaxy Gear a success. First, they need to open the device to full compatibility with any Android device. Second, they should lower the price by at least $50 bucks and preferable $100 or more. For it to be competitive, it needs to be close to the price people are willing to pay for a watch, not a smartphone.

Source: TalkAndroid