We have a couple of interesting deals on the new LG G2. First up, several retailers are now offering the white colored version of the device for its usual $199.99 price on a new contract. While the price is the same, the fact that they are offering a white version is what is new. The device first launched only in black. We aren't quite sure why LG decided to have a separate send out for the two versions of the device, but there you have it. Best Buy, AT&T and T-Mobile are confirmed to be getting the white version. We still aren't too sure about other folks just yet, so share in this thread if you find out more.

The second LG G2 tidbit for today is that Wirefly has a great deal on it. You can grab the black-colored Verizon version of the device for just $149.99 on a new or renewed contract. Wirefly is taking it a bit further though. They are also including a free $30 Visa gift card to go along with it. This brings the total cost down to around $120 for one of the most powerful and versatile handsets in the world. Not bad! The special offer ends on September 30th, so you might want to move quick. Here's a link: LG G2 for Verizon Wireless - Wirefly.com

(Incidentally, Amazon also has the VZW LG G2 for the same $150 dollar contract price, but they are not including the Visa gift card.)