Yesterday we reported a rumor that LG will be coming out with a curved display smartphone based upon their flexible display technology. The intel at the time suggested the phone might be called the LG Z. Today some new intel surfaced which partially contradicts the rumor from yesterday. First, it actually confirms that LG will be launching a curved plastic display smartphone; however, it differs in that the device will supposedly be called the LG G Flex instead of LG Z.

Perhaps the LG Z name was simply erroneously reported or is an internal name. Regardless, a design sketch has been included of the device, and as it turns out, the picture we saw yesterday might be more accurate than originally thought. According to the sketch, not only will the display be concave, but the phone itself will also have a slight curve to it. This new report also confirms that the device will have a 6-inch display as was reported yesterday.

Here's a quote with a few more details,

As CNET senior editor Jessica Dolcourt explains, a flexible display doesn't mean the phone will be able to bend or flex. Rather, the display will be set at a curved -- but stationary -- position. The curve is dramatic enough to comfortably fit around your face but not so angular that it looks weird.
Source: CNET